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Transform yourself! a
12 Month Dream Body Fitness Gym Membership

12 Month Gym


Dream Body Fitness is a community-centric lifestyle centre built on the core purpose of transforming bodies and transforming lives. It's who we are. Transformation lies at the very heart of all that we attempt and create.

The 12-Week Launchpad is a perfect fit for those who haven’t set foot in a gym for years. If you’re someone who finds gym environments intimidating, alienating and downright frustrating, then this is the perfect lifestyle transformation launchpad for you.

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    Find Your Tribe


    Over and again, our members comment on how Dream Body Fitness feels like a 2nd home. A place where they can just be themselves. Dress as they feel comfortable. Connect with others. Work out without feeling like they are being judged.

    Dream Body Fitness is built on the pillars of ‘Authentic, Personalised, Body and Lifestyle Transformation’. It’s a place where you get to be yourself, where you’re celebrated for who you are and what you’re attempting to achieve on your fitness journey.

    To belong, all you need to do is show up. To connect, all you need to be is real. To fit in, all you need to do is bring your authentic game to the yard. Day in and Day out.

    Simple. Straightforward. Real.

    Guided to Success


    A 12-month gym membership is a journey to the best version of yourself. It’s more than a body transformation, it’s a lifestyle transformation. It’s where you become and reveal the greatness that lies within. We’re there to guide you every step of the way, from personalised workout and nutrition programs to personalised attention from our Fitness Marshalls. A 12-month ‘self-love’ project that is supported by our team and our fitness community from start to finish.

    It Starts with a Goal


    Regardless of whether you’re looking to lose 20Kgs or improve your Two Oceans Marathon time by 30 minutes, having a goal is the start of your journey. At Dream Body Fitness, those goals are the driving force behind which nutrition and workout programs are recommended to you, and how your journey progresses over the 12 months. (1) Weight Loss, (2) Fitness and Endurance, (3) Strength and Body Building, and (4) Flexibility and Mobility are the 4 primary areas where we focus our attention.

    Complimentary Nutrition Workshop


    Understanding how your body works and how to convert the engine from a sugar burning machine into a fat burning machine, 24/7/365, lies at the core of your transformation journey. Our nutrition workshop does exactly that. Steve Mululu walks you through the mechanics of nutrition, the mindset that supports body transformation, and how your nutrition programs are designed to torch fat and build strong, lean muscle that energises and rejuvenates you. Each member is invited to attend a free nutrition workshop at the start of their journey.

    Complimentary Nutrition Programs


    The nutrition workshop transforms your thinking, the nutrition programs you receive transform your body and your life. Each member receives a Steve Mululu custom designed nutrition program that is proven to deliver results in the areas that most matter to you. Your nutrition program is designed to help you achieve your body and lifestyle transformation goals over the 12-month journey.

    Complimentary Fitness Marshalls


    Our Fitness Marshalls are fitness trainers and fitness instructors who support you on your journey. Based on the gym floor, they help you with your exercise movements, select the correct weights, and support you through each of your workout evolutions. They also assist you with Body Assessments and work with you to achieve your body transformation goals. If you need a spot, they are right there. Struggling to get through that last set? Our team are on hand to motivate and inspire.

    Complimentary Workout Programs


    A 12-month gym membership is an evolution in body, mind and soul. It’s more than simply changing how you look. It’s changing how you feel. Changing how you show up in the world. That starts with a workout program that changes your body. A program that torches fat, builds lean muscle, and over the 12-month period slowly changes the composition of your body. It grows your energy, grows your strength, builds your fitness and endurance. At the end of every program, we provide you with a new, progressive workout plan that builds on the solid foundation you’ve built and helps you to level up.

    Complimentary Body Assessments


    From the 1st week through to the end of the 12 month journey, we provide you with a complimentary InBody Biometric Assessment. It allows you to track your progress, witness how your body composition is changing, and focus on the metrics that most matter to you. Whether that’s body fat percentage reduction or protein composition and skeletal muscle mass, the Biometric Assessments are a valuable tool for demonstrating how effectively we’re helping you achieve your body and lifestyle transformation goals.



    A 12-month journey is mostly about connection. Connected to yourself. Connected to others. Connected to an achievable, inspiring vision for your life. Connected to a purpose. Connected to a community of people who do and achieve hard things. Connected to a proven, reliable system that guarantees results. Our DBF Community is the heart that powers the family vibe that permeates every Dream Body Fitness experience and we look forward to you becoming a part of that community.

    Transform your life

    Dream Body Fitness is a special place. Here’s a short video featuring Tumisho Masha and why Dream Body Fitness is one of the best decisions you’ll make.

    Decide. Commit. Succeed.

    If you're committed to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, and you've made the decision to invest in yourself, we'd love to hear from you!

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