Category: DBF Athletes

Meet Memory #dbf_athlete

Memory is a great tribute to what can be achieved when you set your heart and mind to achieving your goals.

Meet Liz D #dbf_athlete

Liz is our DBF bombshell that brings heaps of sunshine onto the gym floor every time she turns up to work out.

Meet Delayne #dbf_athlete

Delayne is a #dbf_tribe member and #dbf_athlete that’s reinventing what strong looks like, in the classiest way imaginable.

Meet Conradie #dbf_athlete

Conradie is a member of our #dbf_tribe and a #dbf_athlete. A guy who’s started his journey to strength with courage and commitment.

Meet Jackie S #dbf_athlete

Jackie S is a member of our #dbf_tribe and a #dbf_athlete. Strength starts in the mind and manifests in the body. Jackie S embodies that ethos.

Meet Sharai #dbf_athlete

Sharai embodies the meaning of commitment. She shows up, all in, all the time and we respect her immensely for her attitude.

Meet Leslie A #dbf_athlete

Leslie is one of our Sunninghill gym members and shows up with heaps of enthusiasm and commitment to every session at the gym.

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