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As you’ve come to know by now, improving your health and fitness transcends the body. It’s just as much—arguably more—a mental journey as it is a physical one. And along those lines, we want to do everything we can to help you increase your mental fortitude. And today’s quote, which comes

Sometimes, in order to find our purpose in life, we must first lose 'our life'. How? In order to be born anew, we can start by imagining the end of our old life. Start by imagining ourselves at our own funeral. Imagining our own family, friends and colleagues standing at the

CHANGE OR BE CHANGED. There are certain ways to achieve certain things. Every way depends on the time and circumstances that one is in. Success does not depend on blindly following a certain path. There’s no success without resistance. Every success costs. As much as everyone wants to be successful (whatever

EVERYTHING COUNTS NOT. Being here counts. Being a life counts. Being present counts. Staying healthy counts. Being reliable counts. Keeping your word counts. Having the latest car doesn’t. Having the latest technology doesn’t, and as sure as hell wanting to be everybody’s favourite doesn’t. My apologies if it comes across as if