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Bums and Tums

Dream Body Fitness Bums and Tums class

Bums and Tums

Bums and Tums is a hyper-focused group fitness class that targets ABs and Glutes. It’s low-impact yet burns heaps of fat and offers laser-focused conditioning.

What is Bums and Tums?

It’s a group fitness workout that incorporates stretching, body weight resistance training, and focused muscle-group exercises with an instructor during the workout.

Bums and Tums are an area we’d all love to improve. It’s the two areas we focus on when we look in the mirror, and this class aims to make that ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ experience a super rewarding one. You’ll have the hottest abs and ass of them all!

Whilst the class is designed to be intense, it’s also designed to meet you where you’re at. As you progress, you’ll be able to push a little harder, commit a little deeper, and achieve the body transformation goals you’ve got posted up on your vision board.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every day.

How does Bums and Tums work?

Bums and Tums is an instructor-led group fitness workout. You just need to show up for the class and you’re good to go.

The instructor starts with a series of warm up’s that are designed to prep you for the laser-focused exercises that lie ahead.

Throughout the workout, the instructors demonstrate the movement and lead you through each of the exercise groups in the workout. The workout gets progressively harder as you isolate each of the muscle groups, and ideally you’re going to be challenged on the last 2 reps of each exercise.

It’s a dynamic experience but the workout itself is designed and structured in a way that allows you to move you at your own pace, according to your current fitness and strength level. If you need a moment to take a breather, that’s fine. Just saddle up and get back on the pony when you’ve had time to recover.

The strength training element allows you to progress with each class, and soon, you’ll be moving through your workout with strength, focus and intensity.

What if I’m new to gym?

Over 70% of our membership have been where you are. They know what it’s like to walk into a class with a touch of trepidation so you’ll find the classes warm, supportive and welcoming.

Bums and Tums is a great workout to include with your gym workout program, and it’s laser-like focus on targeted areas means you’ll see strength and visual improvements in a short space of time. A great way to accelerate your body transformation journey

Group fitness classes are a perfect way for you to start your Bums and Tums journey, and they are a great way to meet and integrate into our DBF community. You’re going to be moving at your own pace throughout the class but you’re also going to be stepping that pace up out of your comfort zone because that’s the dynamic of group fitness classes.

The music, the people, being inspired by others.

It all combines to give you that extra boost which drives you through the 45 minute class.

Bums and Tums, along with our other group fitness classes are a great way to achieve your body transformation goals and they are included in the 6 and 12-week body transformation programs.

So lace up those trainers and transform that nervous energy into kinetic energy with this awesome group training class.

Hyper-focused on your abdominal muscles.

Hyper-focused on your glute muscles.

Lives in the fat burning zone.

Body conditioning and toning exercises.

Develops muscular strength.

Improves strength, flexibility and mobility.

Event Hours(2)

  • Wednesday

    09.00 - 09.45

    Sunninghill - Tim

  • Friday

    09.00 - 09.45

    Sunninghill - Gavin