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Dream Body Fitness Cage Class


If you’re looking for a functional fitness workout that burns fat, builds lean muscle strength, and increases your fitness, CAGE is a great fit for you.

What is CAGE?

CAGE is an instructor-led, group fitness workout that incorporates the functional strength and fitness cage at Dream Body Fitness Sunninghill. An apparatus with multiple stations that include everything from dips to gymnastic rings, inverted row bars through to kettlebell stations.

It’s an awesome way to get fit and a great way to increase muscle strength, fitness, and body conditioning. It’s high-intensity format, with no rest between sets at each station, promotes weight loss and ignites fat burning from the word go.

Whilst the class is designed to be intense, it’s also designed to meet you where you’re at. You don’t need to be ultra strong or fit, the group dynamic is awesome and fuels your motivation to get through the session.

How does CAGE work?

The instructor divides the class into small groups, and rotates each group through stations around the Cage. Each movement is demonstrated to the class to make sure you get the form right and get the most out of each exercise group, and then you’re into the workout and moving through stations at pace.

It incorporates everything from push ups to inverted rows, kettlebell swings to throwing weighted balls against a trampoline, all the way through to dips and squats. It’s heaps of fun, yet challenging enough to deliver results in a hurry.

It’s a dynamic experience but the workout itself is designed and structured in a way that allows you to move you at your own pace, according to your current fitness and strength level. If you only get through 8 reps in a rotation rather than 15, that’s fine. Next time you’ll get to 10 and the time after that you’ll get to 12.

It’s a full body workout that challenges each muscle group, promoting full body strength and cardio fitness.

What if I’m new to gym?

Over 70% of our membership have been where you are. They know what it’s like to walk into a Cage class with equal parts trepidation and excitement.

You’ll find the classes warm, welcoming and supportive. You’ll also find that great DBF community feeling pushing you to try a little harder, dig a little deeper, and give a little more of yourself each time you attend.

Cage group fitness classes are a good way for you to start your fitness journey and they are a great way to integrate into our DBF community. You’re going to be moving at your own pace throughout the class but you’re also going to be stepping that pace up out of your comfort zone because that’s the dynamic of group fitness classes.

The music, the people, and the experience all combine to give you that extra boost which drives you through the 45 minute class.

Develops functional strength.

Develops functional fitness.

Increases mobility and range of motion.

Great for weight loss.

Great group dynamic and camaraderie.

Great to shake up your workout routine.

Event Hours(1)

  • Friday

    17.00 - 17.45