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Join Maurice for a high-intensity kickboxing cardio class that’s designed to incinerate fat and build lean muscle strength.

You’ll be engaging in technique driven kicks and punches using punching bags and with the instructor who’s wearing protective gear and gloves. It drives the intensity through the roof and if you’ve got any anger issues lurking about, you’re guaranteed that they will be gone at the end of this awesome 60 minute class.

You’re not going to be fighting anyone nor are you going to be hit or kicked in any way. It’s simply a cardio class that uses kickboxing techniques and movements to light your body up like a Xmas tree.


High-Intensity Interval Training.

Intense fat burning and weight loss.

Builds lean muscle mass.

Increases whole body muscle strength.

Significantly increases fitness.

Improves range of motion and mobility.

Event Hours(4)

  • Wednesday

    06.30 - 07.30


  • Thursday

    17.00 - 18.00


  • Friday

    07.00 - 08.00


  • Saturday

    08.00 - 09.00