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Dream Body Fitness Pilates Classes


Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. It’s great for fat burning, building strength and improving mobility.

What is Pilates?

It’s a group fitness workout that incorporates a system of exercises that emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

It’s low-impact yet offers a challenging, highly-focused workout. The movements target core strength, mobility, flexibility and build muscular strength through focused, controlled exercises.

Whilst the class is designed to accelerate body transformation, it’s also designed to meet you where you’re at. You don’t need to be super fit and flexible, you just need to show up. The classes and training will get you where you need to be.

How does Pilates work?

Pilates is an instructor-led, group training class that has a very different energy to the high-intensity interval training and functional fitness classes we offer.

It’s quieter, calmer and although it’s an intense workout, it’s very much a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at the same time.

Our Pilates instructor leads you through each of the exercises, demonstrating the movements and ensures that the class moves through it’s paces in a controlled, coordinated style. If you’re learning, you’ll get personalised attention at key moments to make sure that your form is improving and that you’re getting the full benefits of the Pilates system.

Pilates is a body, mind and soul workout as much as it is a system of exercises. You’ll find your mental strength and ability to focus increases to the same degree that your body’s muscular strength and flexibility improves.

Our Pilates classes are held at Dream Body Fitness Woodlands Office Park, and you’ll find a schedule below. To join the class, simply arrive on the day and become a part of our DBF Pilates Community.

What if I’m new to gym?

If you’re new to gym, Pilates is a great, low-impact way to kick off your body transformation journey. Although challenging, you are essentially moving at your own pace with the goal of improved form and progression. You’ll find the class challenges you just as much 1 year from now than it does on the day that you start.

Although group training can feel intimidating, over 70% of our community have been where you are. New to a class, unsure of what to do or expect, and you’ll find the class to be warm, welcoming and supportive.

Group fitness classes are a perfect way for you to start and they are a great way to meet and integrate into our DBF community. You’re going to be moving at your own pace throughout the class but you’re also going to be stepping that pace up out of your comfort zone because that’s the dynamic of group fitness classes.

It all combines to give you that extra boost which drives you through the 45 minute class so take the leap and step into your Pilates journey with confidence and enthusiasm.

Low-Impact Exercise System.

An exercise system that is progression-focused.

Leads to increased flexibility.

Leads to increased mobility.

Leads to increased muscular strength.

Body, mind and soul focus.

Event Hours(3)

  • Monday

    17.30 - 18.30


  • Tuesday

    12.30 - 13.30

    Sunninghill - Marcella

  • Thursday

    17.30 - 18.30

    Sunninghill - Marcella