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Power Cardio

Dream Body Fitness Power Cardio classes

Power Cardio

If you’re looking for a cardio workout that burns fat ultra-fast, builds power and strength, and boosts your fitness levels to test-pilot level, Power Cardio is a great fit for you.

What is PowerCardio?

Power Cardio is an instructor-led, group training workout that incorporates high-intensity interval training and plyometric training into the 45-minute workout.

It’s an intense class that incinerates fat and dramatically increases your fitness levels.

It’s a great fit for people who are looking to improve their sports performance through increased fitness and weight loss. The high functional movement also promotes increased range of motion and mobility.

How does PowerCardio work?

Your class begins with a warm-up that’s designed by your instructor to prepare you for the intense cardio workout that lies ahead

Throughout the workout, your instructor demonstrates the movement and helps you correct your form and level of intensity, whether that’s high-octane burpees or swinging kettlebells at the speed of light, to make sure you’re crushing your cardio goals.

What if I’m new to gym?

If you’re new to gym, we’d recommend that you train for at least 3 weeks before joining the Power Cardio workout. It should definitely go on your fitness ‘bucket list’ but work with a fitness marshall and work through some of the lower intensity classes before joining Power Cardio workouts

Group fitness classes are a perfect way for you to meet new people and integrate into our DBF community. The intensity of the Power

High Intensity Interval Training.

Fat Burning, Weight Loss class.

Dramatically improves fitness.

Conditions and strengthens muscle.

Great for sports fitness training.

Burn up to 1000 calories in 1 hour.

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    16.45 - 17.45


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    16.45 - 17.45


  • Thursday

    06.45 - 07.45