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Dream Body Fitness Spinning classes


If you’re looking for a cycling-style workout that burns fat ultra-fast, builds lean muscle strength, and cranks your fitness level up to Tour de France level, Spinning is a great fit for you.

What is Spinning?

Spinning is a group fitness workout that incorporates indoor cycling/spinning machines, high-intensity interval cardio training, and interactive hill-climbing simulations with the instructor during the workout.

It’s an awesome way to get fit and a great way to build strength, endurance and stamina. It’s a fun, intense and safe way to lose weight and increase your cycling fitness.

Whilst the class is designed to be intense, it’s also designed to meet you where you’re at. You don’t need to be ultra-fit or even a cyclist, you just need to show up and be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


How does Spinning work?

Spinning is an instructor-led, group fitness workout that includes all the equipment you need. So all you need to do is show up with a water bottle and a towel.

You’ll have quality time with high-cadence spinning drills and move through to intervals where you’re doing intense, short climbs in tune with the high-energy music.

Throughout the workout, the instructor sets the tempo and leads you through a variety of drills. From high-resistance, muscle building drills all the way through to short, sharp sprints against the clock. At each phase, your instructor is letting you know what’s to come and leading you through the experience.

It’s a dynamic experience but the workout itself is designed and structured in a way that allows you to move you at your own pace, according to your current fitness and strength level. If you need to dial down to a more manageable level of intensity and resistance, that’s fine. It won’t disrupt the class dynamic at all.

If you’re there to claim King or Queen of the mountain, that’s fine too. Ride our spinning bicycle like you stole it and we’ll applaud you all the way to the summit.

What if I’m new to gym?

Spinning can be a challenging 45 minutes to get through so we’d advise that you build your strength and endurance up for a couple of weeks before entering a spinning class.

Cycling isolates muscles that don’t necessarily get a workout to the same degree of intensity in other forms of exercise so we’d recommend that you incorporate indoor cycling or warm ups on the spinning bikes as part of your routine before joining a spinning class.

Group fitness classes are a perfect way for you to meet and integrate into our DBF community, so we definitely encourage you to join this class after a couple of weeks of preparation. Once you’re in the class, you’re going to be moving at your own pace throughout the class but you’re also going to be stepping that pace up out of your comfort zone because that’s the dynamic of group fitness classes.

The music, the people, being inspired by others. It all combines to give you that extra boost which drives you through the 60 minute class.

Spinning, along with our other group fitness classes are a great way to achieve your body transformation goals and they are included in the 6 and 12-week body transformation programs.

So rock out those gloves and transform that nervous energy into kinetic energy with this amazing group training class.

High-intensity Interval Training..

Indoor cycling fitness focus.

Improve cardiovascular fitness.

Increase stamina and endurance.

Increased strength and conditioning.

Significantly increase fitness levels.

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