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Yoga Classes


Yoga Classes

If you’re looking for a body | mind | soul experience that promotes wellness, muscle strength, flexibility and mobility, Yoga is a perfect fit for you.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an instructor-led, group training class. Our Dream Body Fitness Woodlands class is primarily Vinyasa Flow Yoga but does incorporate other elements of Yoga.

Vinyasa Flow yoga tends to promote strength and flexibility through continuous movement, or flow, through each of the poses rather than traditional yoga’s tendency to hold static poses for longer periods of time.

It’s an awesome way to develop mental strength and the ability to focus, promotes mindfulness, and is a calming experience unlike the high-intensity experiences we host.

Our class members refer to it as #yogatherapy.

How does Yoga work?

Our instructor demonstrates the movements and leads the class through each of the poses, helping you to flow through the class with increased competence, confidence and capability.

Yoga is a progressive style of learning, with each experience building on the last, leading to increased proficiency within the style and improved fitness, flexibility and mobility.

It’s a calming experience but the workout itself is challenging. Your blood is flowing, your cardiovascular health is improving, and under the gentle guidance of our instructor, you’ll start to feel stronger, fitter, and more supple than you could imagine.

The workout promotes harmony, flow, and connection in our Yoga community. Something you’ll feel right away as you begin your Yoga journey. Enjoy.

What if I’m new to gym?

Over 70% of our membership have been where you are. They know what it’s like to walk into a class with no idea of what to do or expect. You’ll find the class to be warm, welcoming and supportive.

Yoga is a low-impact class that is a perfect way to start your fitness and lifestyle transformation journey

The group classes are a perfect way for you to meet new people and integrate into our DBF community. You’re going to be supported and led by an instructor through the yoga experience, and so no previous experience is necessary for you to enjoy the classes.

You may find the class is more intense than you anticipated but you will definitely be moving within your capabilities, and slowly developing the flexibility and mobility that supports you in your workout programs and other group fitness classes.

Increased wellness and fitness.

Promotes wellness and harmony.

Promotes and instills mindfulness.

Promotes and improves blood circulation.

Promotes and improves flexibility.

Promotes and improves mobility.

Event Hours(2)

  • Tuesday

    18.00 - 19.00


  • Thursday

    17.30 - 18.30