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Dream Body Fitness Fitness Marshalls

Fitness Marshalls


Dream Body Fitness is built on the foundation of transforming bodies and transforming lives. To do that consistently and effectively takes time, effort and expert guidance. It’s why we’ve provided Fitness Marshalls, on the gym floor, to lead you through your workouts and play an active role in helping you achieve your fitness, body transformation and weight loss goals.

What Are Fitness Marshalls?


Fitness Marshalls are our fitness sherpas. Trained fitness instructors who play a massive role in creating an environment on the gym floor that actively help our members crush their goals.

Guide our Tribe


When you join the Dream Body Fitness community, we provide you with a nutrition plan, workout plan and recommend group fitness classes that best serve your goals. The plans vary according to whether you’re on a 6-week, 12-week or 12-month body transformation plan, and our Fitness Marshalls are dedicated to leading you safely, effectively and efficiently through your workout plan.

Personalised Attention


Walking into gym can be an intimidating experience, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment and exercises prescribed in a workout plan. Our Fitness Marshalls are dedicated to helping you gain confidence and strength by demonstrating how to use the gym equipment and how best to perform the specific exercises in your workout plan.

Body Transformation Expertise


Each of us have different capabilities and thresholds when it comes to strength and fitness training. It’s hard to know how heavy you should be lifting and what kind of progression you should be aiming for when it comes to increasing the resistance during your workout. Fitness Marshalls help identify the right weights you should be using, and help you progress in your strength and fitness journey without picking up injuries or over-extending yourself too early.

Motivation and Guidance


We all have good days and bad days. On the bad days, it’s easy to call it half way through your set or drop the intensity of your workout. Our Fitness Marshalls are a great source of motivation and help you push through the rough patches. You’re stronger than you realise and Fitness Marshalls help you discover that truth for yourself.

What do Fitness Marshalls do?


Fitness Marshalls play a hands-on role on the gym floor. They work with you at the equipment station and walk you through each exercise. They focus on the correct form, they help select the correct weights you should be using, and they provide support and encouragement throughout your workout. They are the people who take you through your Biometric Assessments and they actively make recommendations based on the feedback from your assessments. Think of them as fitness Sherpas who guide you safely to the summit of your own personal Everest.

Do I have to pay Fitness Marshalls?


No. The Fitness Marshall service is a complimentary part of your gym membership and/or body transformation programs. They are a key investment Dream Body Fitness make to help you achieve your fitness and body transformation goals. Their contribution is invaluable to our fitness tribe and we love the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the gym floor. We hope you do too.


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    Fitness Marshalls

    The friendly, engaged fitness marshalls you see on the floor play a critical role in our Body Transformation programs. Find out how.

    Need assistance from a Fitness Marshall?

    If you'd like to connect with our Fitness Marshall service, drop us a line and let us know how we can help. Alternatively, connect with one of the fitness marshalls on your next visit.

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