Fitness Marshalls

A dedicated team of fitness instructors, situated on the gym floor, that help our members through their workouts and demonstrate correct movement, form and style to achieve their fitness goals and objectives.

Complimentary Service

You don't pay anything extra for working with the fitness marshalls during your workouts.


Our Fitness Marshalls are enthusiastic, passionate and work toward motivating you to give your best.

Personal Attention

As you get to know the team, you'll find that each marshall brings a touch of magic to your workout.

Our Fitness Marshalls play a critical role in helping our clients achieve their strength, weight loss and fitness goals.

Fitness Marshalls play a hands-on role on the gym floor. They work with you at the equipment station and walk you through each exercise. They focus on the correct form, they help select the correct weights you should be using, and they provide support and encouragement throughout your workout. They are the people who take you through your Biometric Assessments and they actively make recommendations based on the feedback from your assessments. Think of them as fitness Sherpas who guide you safely to the summit of your own personal Everest.

Why do we have Fitness Marshalls on the floor?

Dream Body Fitness is built on the foundation of transforming bodies and transforming lives. To do that consistently and effectively takes time, effort and expert guidance. It’s why we’ve provided Fitness Marshalls, on the gym floor, to lead you through your workouts and play an active role in helping you achieve your fitness, body transformation and weight loss goals.

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Our Dream Body Fitness Fitness Marshalls

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(011) 234-4700

05h00 – 20h00 Mondays to Fridays

07h00 – 16h00 Sat & Public holidays

Closed – Sundays, Xmas and New Years Day.

Address The Core Centre, Corner of Kikuyu and Leeuwkop Roads. Sunnninghill, Johannesburg


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