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InBody Biometric Assessments


The InBody Biometric Assessment is a biometric analysis of your weight, body composition, height, body mass index, and lifestyle factors that provide valuable insights into your health and wellness.

It enables you to track your progress and quantify the work you’re doing.

It allows us to ‘see’ beneath the surface, understand how best to serve you, and custom-design solutions that accelerate success on your transformation journey.

Calories Burned
Kg's Fat Loss
Kg's Muscle Gained

How does the Biometric Assessment work?


It’s a non-invasive assement, which means the only items of clothing you’ll be removing are your shoes. Sensors under your feet and fingertips do the measurement and analysis, and we provide you with a printout of your assessment. A Dream Body Fitness professional leads you through the assessment in a private room, which is dedicated to assessments and walks you through results and recommendations.

What does it measure?


It starts with your blood pressure and height, and then measures body weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, body fat weight, muscle mass, water composition, protein composition, mineral composition, basal metabolic rate, waist-hip ratio, and an overall fitness score. It also analyses how muscle and fat is distributed throughout your body, by body segment.

How long does a Biometric Assessment take?


It will take roughly 10 minutes of your time to do the assessment, and roughly 15 to walk you through the results and recommendations. Once you're on your journey, the weekly assessments move faster as they align with your nutrition and workout programs and allow us to make amendments and adjustments to your journey as you progress.

How much does it cost?


An equivalent test through a biokineticist or physiotherapist would set you back roughly R750. At Dream Body Fitness, the weekly biometric assessments are included in your gym membership or body transformation program at no extra cost. You’re welcome.

We’re a fun, enthusiastic and warm community-based gym but we believe that progress should be scientifically measured and evaluated.

A biometric assessment provides us with the insights we need in order to guide you to your fitness and lifestyle goals whilst It provides you with weekly data that fuels motivation and rewards your efforts in the gym with evidence that you’re achieving your goals. #winning

DBF Promotion


We're currently running a Biometric Assessment promotion. Touch base with us via the contact form or call 011-234 4700 to book your free assessment. Please use code 2k20 as a reference.


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    Our InBody Assessments are a crucial part of the success our members achieve in their Body Transformation journey.

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    Book your assessment at our Sunninghill branch. Please use code 2K20 to claim your free InBody Biometric Assessment.

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