Steve Mululu explores the concept of excuses versus reasons and explains why you can't have both.

It’s not awful to get others’ opinions when you share your dreams with them. It can be helpful to bring in an external perspective, however we should be careful and smart in separating productive analysis from antagonism. Do not let others’ negative attitudes hinder your success.

Recall the story of Joseph and his brothers in the bible?

All dreams, like pregnancy go through 3 stages. Conception, gestation, and delivery or as we say in business speak though, action and manifestation.

You are pregnant dude. When is your EDD (estimated due date)?

Don’t let yourself feel unaccomplished by not pursuing your dreams. Doing so will prevent you from dreaming in general. Even doubters and haters will give it some consideration. In spite of this, you will wonder why you did not take action sooner, and when you delay it, you will wonder why you didn’t.

People who follow their dreams are doers. The doers in the world are more capable of making a difference, impacting their circumstances, and ultimately changing the world.

Dreams may come true in startling ways, yet those are the challenges that make living the fantasy so energizing. Because they can force you out of your comfort zone, those difficulties will help you grow.

It is only by taking chances that you can reach your dreams. You feel more energized when you are apprehensive, so smash through that block of dread. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Life’s greatest mistake is to be constantly afraid that you will make one.

Your actions and dreams define who you are. You cannot be defined by what others advise you to do and not to do. Change the status quo.

At the end of the day, you will realize that no matter how little they know about you, you are capable of motivating them to follow their dreams. If you follow your dreams, you become more intriguing.

Daily life is not governed by guidelines, so why limit yourself to what everyone else is doing? When you achieve your dreams, far greater ones will follow. It won’t matter whether your dreams are realized or not, you’ll feel satisfied that you gave it your all.

While visionaries sometimes fail, they also learn more as they go along. Even disappointment is a learning experience. So dust yourself off and try again.

Life is what you make it! Let your dreams come true. Your thoughts can resonate and work for you, so you can put them together in a cycle that you will use to build your plan and to realize your fantasy.

You don’t have time to wait. Follow your dreams today. Everyone has an excuse for their current situation. We use excuses to avoid taking action. Do not let excuses overshadow your goals.

Excuses simply stand for low personal standards.

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