How I Turned My Life Around

I had no confidence, no drive, and no direction so… naturally I fell into the wrong groups and crowds to find acceptance.

Once upon a time I was the victim in my own story, bullied, beaten, and constantly in a state of woe is me. I had no confidence, no drive, and no direction so… naturally I fell into the wrong groups and crowds to find acceptance.

There was always this little voice in my head telling me that this was not the way, and that I was better than what I was doing and the choices I was making.

 So, what did I do?

  1. ) Take Accountability

I took responsibility for the position I was in in life at that moment, David Goggins calls it the “accountability mirror”. He would look in the mirror every day and be honest with who he was and where he was in life because of it. The summary of it? Stop blaming others for where you are in life, once you begin to take accountability of your actions — that is the first step to self-awareness which is the first step to happiness.

2.) Action Cures Procrastination

Once you recognize the unhealthy patterns you’ve created for yourself that are slowing you down, holding you back, or killing you — now is the time to act. Do those things that you KNOW you should have been doing the whole time. Cut out those people that are dragging you down, stop going out every night, get out of the toxic situation you are in, whatever it may be. For me if we’re speaking to my original story — it was cutting myself out of a work environment that was killing my soul and going to start my own place that reflects my true me. That was the catalyst that ultimately changed my life and led me to where I am, but more on that in a future post.


It is no secret, consistency yields greatness, it’s not the large actions that count but it is the day in, day out small actions that compound overtime and create the largest impact. Hit the gym daily, eat clean foods, read a book, study, play an instrument, etc these overtime build into new skills, new talents, new passions, etc. So whatever it is that greases your wheels (for me the gym ), once you take action stay consistent with it and watch all other aspects of your life improve along with it.

This by no means will change your life overnight. But it is the blueprint for starting that change that could ultimately move the direction of your lifelong game. Accountability, Action, Consistency.

Your life is like a big ship on the vast ocean of earth, you can’t change it overnight, but by changing direction you will get there.

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