How to stop overthinking in 3 easy steps.

Steve Mululu walks us through his advice to stop overthinking in 3 easy steps!

How to Stop Overthinking In 3 Easy Steps.

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I used to be a happy person. But one day, my life changed. I was overthinking my future. It happened when I was in a bottom condition. It changed my perspective about life. I soon realized that life was not always the same as our plan. There will be ups and downs.

But the habit of overthinking was not disappeared. I tried to maintain my thought. I decreased my overthinking day by day.
I then find some ways to maintain this overthinking easily. It works for me. Let me share them with you.


I use journaling to write whatever is inside my mind. It can be ideas, concepts, problems, solutions, etc.

My office is full of writing boards where I capture anything floating in my head. My head and brain is not a storage facility but a thinking and idea generating tool.

In the past, I used to think about my problem and worst-case scenario but, I turn it into a piece of writing. Now, I don’t only write about the problem, but also, I write about the solution.

In other words, journaling helps me to find clarity inside my mind. It seems abstract unless I write it down. The thought becomes clear and understandable in my writing journal.

Today, I fill the journal with a bunch of ideas. So, I don’t focus on problems anymore. I focus on the solutions instead.

If you want to write a journal like me, you can start from anywhere. I mean you can write anything from your mind. Sooner or later, journaling becomes your routine in maintaining overthinking.


I have talked about it in my previous article. I think it good to reshare.

Walking has been a part of my life. I do it every day. It helps me to produce endorphins and decrease the stress hormone in my mind.

Because overthinking will be worse when it happens together with stress. It doubles the effect.

Walking also helps me to clarify my thought. Journaling helps me to organize my random thoughts. While walking helps to think simple. It reduces my random thoughts. I mean, walking calibrates my mind and body so that I can feel good, no matter how much my problems are.

If you want to walk like me, you can find walking routes that widen your perspective. You can try road walking or trail walking. Those kinds of walking can help you to feel natural along the way.


Gratefulness becomes my powerful way to stop overthinking. I always use a quiet moment to think, usually after praying. I find out clarity in stillness. When I calm my mind, I can dive deep into my perspective about ideas, concepts, problems, solutions, etc.

Sometimes, I feel that life is simple. There is no place to overthink something. There is GOD who controls this life. We need to follow what He asks. We should be grateful for this life instead.

There is no reason not to be grateful.

I recommend you to fulfil your life with gratefulness because it helps me a lot. Perhaps it will help you too.

Everyone has a way to stop overthinking. You can try my ways. Let your mind be free of stress and overthinking. It’s better to live your life naturally. Don’t worry about your problem. There is always something to learn from it.

Just maintain it

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