The Values That Keep Me Living My Best Life

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Defining the set of values and parameters that you are going to live by is one of the most crucial aspects you must have set for you to have and feel like you are guided somewhere with a purpose bigger than yourself.

I have 2 rules for dictating the parameters that you are going to use to value if something is worth keeping in your life or not.

These rules are:

  • They have to come from within: if you base yourself on material and exterior things, you’ll never know what freedom feels like because you will always depend on someone else. Give up those ideals, and start evaluating yourself from what’s inside, that’s what truly matters.
  • You need to have control over it: besides having freedom, you need to have responsibility for what you are setting for yourself.

You need to be capable to keep these values present in your life’s decisions, or else you’ll end up lying to yourself over and over. Being responsible implies consistency, consistency creates discipline and discipline brings the results to the table.

With that being said, let me introduce you to my set of values that keep me living to the fullest in any circumstance.

Living in the present moment:

 By living in the present moment, reminds me of how beautiful everything is in the NOW.

 In the HERE and NOW.

And with that vision in mind, I’m living with no worries, with no needs, with no desires, because everything is perfect by just being here.

 In other words, I’m experiencing what living truly means.


The reason behind everything I do. Love. Self-love.

Everything I do is based on the following question:

How can I act with love in this situation?

Love has always been the answer for me, and it has led me to experience remarkable things that I will always cherish in my life.

And because I am love and I give love, I receive it back in the same way.

Everything I give, I give it back to me.


 When peace reigns, the mind clears out and it can think calmly and more precisely.

 That brings a better life quality and helps you to make better decisions.

Positive or necessary change:

Change is the most natural thing in this life.

 Inconsistency is the most constant thing.

And that’s what I have embraced over the years.

That’s why if a change arrives in my life and is either something that will help me grow or something that has to happen, then I welcome it with open arms.

 It’s crazy to think that even these values I have are open to change in the future.


Speaking always with the truth and being consciously wise with your words is one of the most beautiful ways of being authentic.

People who love you will be grateful for that.

Honesty is much better than niceness. I will give you an example.

A honest person will tell you if you have spinach lodged in between your teeth and set you up for the day with confidence, and a nice person won’t tell you and let you walk around the whole day and only to realise later in the day and dampen your day.


Simply the fact that I exist and that I am someone it’s a miracle.

That’s why I’m not pressured by the labels people have set on me, I just am who I am in that moment.

Because I simply just AM that way. Because life just IS that way.


Taking responsibility for absolutely everything that happens to me is the most beautiful way of being the total owner of my life.

It doesn’t matter if is something I chose or something that simply had to happen, I am responsible for what I’m going to do with the things that life has given to me.


Trust in life.

 Knowing that everything is happening the way it was meant to happen from the start.

Knowing that I am safe and protected.

Flow with what it is, not what I want, and not be afraid in doing so.

Trusting that life is taking me on a path (full of wonderful people, places, and situations) far more beautiful than I can possibly imagine.

Being grateful:

 Being grateful to the universe that has put everything in my hands is so fulfilling.

The universe has given me the capacity to type these words on my keyboard to send a message to you. Things like this and so much more are enough reasons to be happy with life, and that’s why I think saying thank you to all of this is the best way to exist.

I hope you learned something new today or just helped you to see a different perspective on life.

Thank you for listening to this, I appreciate you a lot and I would love to read your thoughts on this in the comments.

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