Today is seed time. Tomorrow is harvest time.

Steve Mululu write about the importance of seeding and harvesting at the right times.


What we do today will determine our future. Today’s world reflects the wisdom of these words. Growing up, every human being develops a passion and dreams about their future.

The key is to pursue those dreams continuously. We feel happy and satisfied with life when we achieve what we are striving for. Reaching our goals can take a long time and require hard work.

To stay on the right path and realize our dreams, we should be willing to do whatever it takes. We should always keep in mind what our ultimate purpose is, which does not mean that we should not relax at all. No matter how worldly our purpose is, it should be meaningful.

Every seed we sow today will yield fruit tomorrow, and that is the key to making life meaningful and fruitful. Utilize your time accordingly. Your decisions and actions today will determine what your future looks like.

We all have dreams for the future. Every time we lose, there is always a reason to stand up; as we grow older, we realize that life is a learning process. It is important to keep in mind that not all the difficulties we go through are good things. Sometimes the challenges we face frustrate us initially, but later on they motivate us to continue on.

Course-correct immediately if you think you are about to veer off course. Mistakes are inevitable. The important thing is to recognize and learn from them. It is important to learn from your mistakes in order to avoid repeating them in the future.

Your journey will be very enriching when you reach your goals, and the satisfaction is immense when you reach your goals. Therefore, continuously work towards the future you want and make the most of all the resources you have available to you today.

We can only fulfill our dreams and aspirations if we take action. If we don’t do anything, we can’t expect immediate results.

In order to have a strong future, we must be willing to do what it takes in the present. You create your future today, not tomorrow.

In order to have a bright future, you need to act now, not tomorrow or next week. Now is the time to act. We can lose a day, a week, or even a few months. Let’s not waste our time. Act now!

Although the future is uncertain, it depends on what you do today. The future is impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy, but we can take steps to prepare for it by understanding the world we live in.

Our actions today have consequences for tomorrow. We should be productive and be a blessing to others. Let’s encourage people to succeed in their lives.

Don’t wake one day and realise that when you are in kindergarten, you wanted to get to primary school, in primary school, you wanted to get to high school, in high school, you were  daydreaming university, at university you were daydreaming the corporate world, while in the corporate world, you were dreaming about retirement, and when you got to retirement, it dawned on you that you were simply dying.

Don’t get caught up in this societal trap. Don’t take life seriously, nobody comes out alive.

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