What you resist persists. What you accept transforms.

What we resist persists. Steve Mululu, life coach and co-founder of Dream Body Fitness walks us through his philosophy on resistance.

How do you respond to problems when they arise?

Are you worried about them?

Do you attempt to resolve them immediately?

 Do you become angry, frustrated or anxious about them?

 The way we respond is natural, but what if there was another way?

Could we avoid the mental muck?

It is common for us to approach problems from a limited perspective and not have all the answers in front of us.

Additionally, the situation may still be developing and will take some time to develop. In other words, we react based on what is happening right now instead of waiting for things to unfold. By becoming too focused on our problems, we further complicate things.

Often, it is better to let things resolve on their own, rather than forcing them. Are you familiar with this?

Have you ever forced something to happen, and then it turned out badly?

 Every time we try to manipulate our problems, we end up making things worse.

When we let go of our problems, they will solve themselves. This requires a certain mindset.

Life knows what it is doing, so apathy or resignation do not apply here. Sometimes circumstances will take care of themselves with little or no input from us. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether we should take action or wait for things to settle down.

A few people attempt to solve their problems by taking too many steps. In the end, even if conditions aren’t favorable, the issue will be resolved. Health, finances, career or relationships are all areas where immediate action is necessary.

We tend to lose control of situations the more we worry and force them. It’s especially noticeable in relationships. It is inevitable that we will experience misery and disappointment if we are constantly trying to change others so that we can be happy.

We will be able to solve our problems in due course if we accept others as they are and change how we look at things. Abuse in relationships is not acceptable. Allow people to be as they are, without trying to control their circumstances.

Try Something Different

Would you be interested in trying this?

 What would you need to do to change the outcome?

 We set ourselves up for disappointment if we respond the same way every time. Change of thinking is required, which can be difficult because we are leaping into the unknown.

To take a comedic perspective, I’m reminded of an episode from the sitcom Seinfeld, where George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander, tells Jerry that he made every wrong decision of his life, and that everything is going to hell for him. Jerry convinces him that “if every instinct he has ever had is wrong, then doing the opposite has to be right.”

In so doing, George experiences a series of lucky breakthroughs that would not normally happen to him. When he goes against his instincts, he improves his life.

Despite being a fictitious story, it contains elements of truth. We should change our approach to problems if we are not experiencing better results.

I encourage you to trust that life has its own plan and problems we consider unpleasant will resolve themselves without our intervention. Therefore, I would encourage you to follow these tips. Simply try them out over the next few days.

Could you let go of worrying about problems that don’t require your direct involvement?

Could you trust that life will provide you with the best outcome?

Are you capable of letting go of stress and frustration?

By responding the same way every time a problem emerges, we train our minds and bodies to respond the same way. It is possible to sabotage a good situation simply by feeling anxious and frustrated instead of being patient and trusting.

My experience tells me that if I get out of the way and keep my wits about me, a resolution will emerge better than I anticipated. Instead of reacting the same as you always have, try something new. It takes practice and patience.

Have a go. Write your thoughts about the problem in a journal instead of worrying about it. As you reflect on your personal growth, you can see how far you’ve come.

 The truth is that most problems have a way of resolving themselves because when we get out of the way, life takes care of itself and brings us exactly what we need.

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Dream Body Fitness

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