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Lose 3 kilos in 30 days weight loss challenge for beginners. rating

Meet Dream Body


Dream Body Fitness are a gym, fitness and lifestyle centre based in Sunninghill, Sandton.

Our holistic approach to Body, Mind and Soul combined with our strong community-centric gym has earned us ‘Most Loved Local Gym‘ status and a reputation for transforming bodies and transforming lives.

Your Fitness Tribe


Where you do you belong? That’s usually a tough question to answer but for Dream Body Fitness members, the answers flow easily and authentically.

I belong here’, ‘This is like my 2nd home’, ‘It’s like being part of a family’ are some of the comments we hear over and again.

That’s what happens when you are part of a community who attempt and achieve hard things.

A community of people who are on a journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

If you’re looking to transform your body and transform your life, this is the place for you.

To belong, all you need to have is the desire to be here. To connect, all you need to be is real. To fit in, all you need to wear is the clothes that you feel most comfortable in.

Simple. Straightforward. Real.

This is your tribe. This is where you belong.

Personalised Attention


Transforming bodies and transforming lives is a personal immersion into someone else’s journey. Sometimes, one of the most valuable and emotional journeys they will ever make. It’s a journey that needs personalised support and guidance.

Our biometric assessments, personalised workout and nutrition programs, and fitness marshall service is designed to offer you that personalised support.

From the initial biometric assessment through to the day we celebrate the achievement of your goals, we’re there with you, for you, every step of the way.

Rock-Solid Reputation for Results


Many of our members found us after years of trying and failing to achieve their goals. They followed diets, did the workout programs and bought the expensive supplements they were told to. They did the work, spent the money and yet it didn’t work.

At Dream Body Fitness they were plugged into a proven, effective and trusted system that guarantees results.

50Kgs lost in 18 months. 30Kgs lost in 12 months. 15Kgs lost in 12 weeks.

The fitness marshalls, group fitness classes, workout and nutrition programs, and personalised attention all combine to help you achieve your weight loss and body transformation goals.

Over and again, we deliver outstanding results. Guaranteed.

Lose 3 kilos in 30 days weight loss challenge for beginners. rating

Contract Flexibility and Variety


We’re a diverse community. Some of our members are in Johannesburg for a few months of the year, others have a demanding travel schedule and prefer short-term contracts like the 6 and 12-week programs above our popular 12-month programs. For some, it’s a class pass or a day pass. Whatever your requirements or preferences, touch base with us and we’ll provide you with short and medium-term options to suit your pocket and requirements.

Transformation Champions


It’s one thing to have a script, it’s another thing entirely to bring the fairy tale to life. Dream Body Fitness have a culture that champions transformation through personalised support, effective body transformation programs, and a diverse community that embraces transformational journeys.

It’s a hard thing to describe yet it’s something which our members feel and frequently comment on.

It’s something which stems from inside. Something people want to do. It’s a reflection of who we all are and what we all choose to do.

If you value support, encouragement and a strong sense of community that champions your efforts and commitment, Dream Body Fitness is the place for you.

Location. Location. Location.


If you live or work in Sunninghill, Woodmead and surrounding areas, we’d love to be your local gym. We have members who travel from as far as Pretoria every day just to train with us but we get that convenience and ease of access are important for demanding schedules.

We’re based on the Ground Floor of The Core Centre, on the corner of Leeuwkop and Kikuyu Roads in Sunninghill, Sandton.

We have safe, secure parking and facilities with boomed access points and security staff to make sure that your stay with us is a safe and pleasant stay.


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    Connect + Transform

    Dream Body Fitness are partners in one of the most significant journeys you will ever undertake. The journey to become the very best version of yourself. We’d love to be a part of your journey.

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