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Day 10 of 21 #dbf_soulworkout

Day 10 of 21 #dbf_soulworkout


There are certain ways to achieve certain things. Every way depends on the time and circumstances that one is in. Success does not depend on blindly following a certain path. There’s no success without resistance. Every success costs. As much as everyone wants to be successful (whatever that is to each and everybody), the question is can you stand to be blessed?

Can you take what comes your way on way to success?

Your own family turns against you, your best friend starts to label your success by spreading rumours about what you stole or who you slept with to achieve your dreams.

Understand that the best way to achieve something is also in harmony with the times you are in. Trends matter. Just ask yourself if KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) would have been successful in the current landscape where people are talking about no carbs, paleo, Mediterranean etc? But when the times change, what is best before may not be best now, so change the way.

That’s why I am begging you to stop fantasising about going back to the old ways after the virus. There are no more old ways. The world, and the way you knew and lived your life before is forever gone. This new life is the new normal.

Change with the times to get maximum success. Humanity is always progressing. Circumstances change so that people can achieve more of something, in less time and with lesser effort required. New resources show up that weren’t available before to make this possible. People fail to make use of these new resources when they stick to the old way of doing things. Opportunity lost is equivalent with failure. The ones that capitalize on advancements do far better, and they get there a lot quicker than others. Our lives are like seeds, it’s a natural expression of seeds to shoot through the ground and grow into a tree, therefore it’s natural to want more out of life, but the difference should be that your wants should not harm others the way we do now.

The universe is like a mother’s breast. When the child is born, he grabs the breast and starts sucking on it until milk comes out. How did this child know that in that soft fatty tissue is the food of life? That’s pure faith and the harder the child sucks on that breast the more milk comes out. Life is the same thing. The universe is a huge gigantic breast. We just need to learn how to suck it good and hard, and all we need will come out.

The only permanence in our life’s is impermanence. Change is the official law of life. The only two things that are constant in life are God and HIS word. The rest are in a constant state of changing.

Change in order to survive. The new has its place in the new and the old has its place in the old. Something only continues to exist through the act of recreation. The ways that remain of the old without changing form will phase out and become obsolete. It is the essence of things that are unchanging, but their forms must change for better existence and function in the circumstances they are in. What was a good way in the past would now be a poor way compared to another way that’s better in the present?

The old saying of old dogs don’t change is in fact a life- old dogs must change or they will surely die.

When you adapt the correct response to a contemporary situation, you may face criticism and resistance. But such an action signifies the highest foresight. It denotes being able to see the progression of things and how to fit in with the universal master plan. The ignorant would judge the contemporary as having compromised on their standards and deviating from the true path. But it is the contemporary ones who kept the standards and remained true, while the rest have regressed due to lack of change. Poverty of ideas is the biggest cause of human suffering.

In everything we do, we either progress or regress, we never stand still. Only those that change progress while the rest regress. The ones who know essence are always changing form. True spirituality and authenticity is internal and not external. Those who are most externally conservative are usually the most unauthentic and unspiritual as well. The target is always moving and when you keep firing at the same spot, you’ll miss the mark and kill the wrong target Those who keep the standards are those that change with the times.
Soon this Lockdown will come to an end, and the virus shall pass, I hope by then you won’t still be the same person you were post lockdown, because by then my friend you will have become a dinosaur . Dinosaurs at one point were the biggest animals to ever have walked mother earth, hey where are they now?

Write yourself obsolete or the system will.

Remember that each one of the “present current ways” was at one time an innovation that encountered resistance as well. Just as those innovations have now become part of fixed tradition, so in time will the present necessary initiatives become accepted. Everybody laughed at Henry Ford with his idea of a car for every household – look outside and you know what I am thinking. The best ways are not ancient, but they are futuristic, because circumstances are most advanced in later times.

Hyperdimensional beings know the most advanced way of things because they transcend space time. But use what’s best for current times. What you see in movies like Avatar, Lord of the rings and all the other sci-fi movies, some of them will become normal in our lifetime. We might live in bubble enclosures and be fed intravenously through tubes and have monkeys as scientists walking around in white jackets taking our temperature, reading our thoughts and using us for experiments to better their genetic make up. This might sound far fetched but the truth is that it is not. We can’t see this Virus – just like in the movie predator where the predator sees the human’s auras.

Have you asked yourself how this virus tracks its victims? Our scientists are guessing by telling us to stay home as a precaution, maybe it has other ways of tracking us like being in an office building during lockdown?

Stay home sounds better than Rest in peace.

Adopt what’s best from whatever source. In the path of spiritual development, this is also the method to adopt. All of philosophy, science and religion provide knowledge of the universe and God. Humanity’s transition through time is for the purpose of discovering the fullness of God. Remember that all sources of truth and understanding come from the One Source. Everything is a part that forms the bigger picture. It’s how you piece the pieces together that counts. Integration is the way to complete development.

Whatever is no longer appropriate from former systems is to be abandoned while whatever is deemed beneficial, no matter the source, should be fruitfully adopted. This is the principle behind innovation, a means by which businesses become much more efficient. There has never been any constant in traditions or culture. The way of God and the way of the universe is to change with the times. To change with change is the changeless state. You get best results in all things when you change with the times

We must change our education, health, banking, prisons and health system post LOCKDOWN. The writing is clear on the wall.

Inner Coach Steve M.