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Day 13 of 35 #dbf_soulworkout

Day 13 of 35 #dbf_soulworkout

I can see you thinking that this does not apply to you. That you live with awareness and you know your neighbour and sometimes you play with his dog. That’s good for you. Taking an interest in the world you live in is for your own good.
Make it your mission to know what’s going on in the real world, and I am not talking about getting your news from Kardashian and the housewives of Mzansi. Be well informed in current events, music, fashion, science, movies, food, transport and technology. This makes you interesting as you can hold court with almost everyone.

You don’t have to own the latest of everything, but you should have an idea of what’s changing, what’s new and what’s happening, both in your community and the world across the street called Alex.

What’s the benefit for that? For starters it makes you a very interesting person and also keeps you young. I remember meeting an old lady at Pick N Pay and she was complaining about pin numbers and how horrible they are, but the truth is that without the pin number she will never get her pension. But it’s more than that, it’s about being stuck in a fixed mindset of –“I have never done this before, and I don’t need to do it now”. It’s a lie when they say old dogs don’t learn new tricks, the truth is that old dogs must learn new tricks or end up being extinct like dinosaurs.

The happiest and most content people in the world are those that are a part of something. Part of the world, and not cut from it. And the most interesting and stimulating people to be around are those that take interest in there surrounding.

Just remember that taking an interest in the outside world is about developing you, rather than for the world’s interest.

Be interesting by being interested in others.

Inner Coach Steve M.