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Day 5 of 21 #dbf_soulworkout

Day 5 of 21 #dbf_soulworkout


Being here counts. Being a life counts. Being present counts. Staying healthy counts. Being reliable counts. Keeping your word counts. Having the latest car doesn’t. Having the latest technology doesn’t, and as sure as hell wanting to be everybody’s favourite doesn’t.

My apologies if it comes across as if I am against technology, nice cars or designer outfits. They are nice to have but not must haves. This are tools, and as tools they are better used for a specific function rather than as a status symbol.

Doing something with your life counts. Having goals count. Watching mindless series or going shopping because of boredom doesn’t count a bit. The only way to avoid this kind of trap is to make sure that you know what’s important to you. It means sitting down, taking time out and writing down exactly what you want out of life.

There’s no human, and I mean living human being that doesn’t have a solution to another living human beings’ problem. Dreams are strange, and especially dreams from GOD.

All dreams go through three stages of THINK IT. TALK IT. TILL IT.


This is the universal sequence of success of any dream. First and foremost, you must see it with your heart. The question is what do you see? Do you see a zero in your bank account or do you see through the zero, infinite opportunities?

You can’t achieve beyond your vision. Seeing in your mind is believing. This is a mental picture that only you can see it. This part becomes confusing for most. Majority of most people’s dreams are not their dreams. They are dreams created by their immediate environment or the early care givers.

Look all around you, most kids end up becoming what they see in the house. If the father or mother is an accountant or doctor, the kids end up being the same. This is what I call dreams by osmosis. Dreams from God on the other hand are different.

First, they are persistent. They can’t leave you alone no matter how fast or long you run.

Secondly, God’s dreams are so big that your current resources and expertise is never good enough.

Thirdly, because divine ordained dreams are bigger than your current circumstances, personality and expertise they always need a third force to achieve them.

That means God becomes the invisible hand. Fourth and lastly, they impact more people. It’s about improving and changing humanity positively.


You must be able to articulate your dream. You must have the ability to take it from thought life to real life. This is the hardest part for most. Think of it this way, apart from anything natural in the universe like trees, skies, water etc the rest was created by man. Where did this man get this idea from?

All this was buried deep inside their heads. They had to bring it out. No dream can come to life without the spoken word. Just like God himself, we have the power of saying ,“Let there be” …and voila it appears. Speak it speak it speak it.

You must be impeccable with your word. Every time you lie you damage your own soul. You lose trust in yourself. Words are powerful. Words become things. After you have seen it, then say it.


Every dream costs. There is no free lunch in making your dreams come true. This is one part irrespective of how close you are to GOD you still can’t outsource it. Blueprints don’t build themselves. Foundations don’t erect themselves. You have to do your own push-ups and eat your own salad if you want the dream of a nice body.

Dreams take time to mature. Dreams need patience.

No circumstances can stop your dreams, corona or no corona. The only person that can stop or derail your dreams is yourself and the person you marry. Your dreams do COUNT.

Just remember in this critical time that miracles don’t go where they are needed, they go where they are expected. Let’s be like children and expect them.

Every dream begins as a seed. The seed can be your idea, your kids, your pain, your divorce, your being laid off, , money, talent but first you have to be like Noah and get into the ark before God can come to your aid, be like Daniel and get into the den of lions, get into what you want God to help you with.

Mine is to remind you right now that God is not going to move until you take the first step.

What is it that you need to get into first before God can get in?

What are you waiting for?

For the right timing? Right circumstances? Are you waiting for the green lights on the highway of life to all be green?

Your God given divine dream does count.

Inner Coach Steve M.