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Faithful and Fearless

Faithful and Fearless

Hi Family,

Have you thought anything like this lately?

“I’ll get back to my dreams when this all blows over.”

If you have…I can assure you that …

You’re not alone!

So many around the world right now are feeling blown about by the chaos and confusion that seems to surround us all.

In times of crisis, our “dreams” are often the first casualties to be pushed aside for “more important” things. And while I do completely agree that our health and safety is priority number one…

If we want to not just survive these times, but THRIVE in them, it’s essential to stay connected to what we would love our life to be.

We need an anchor. We need to be grounded. We need something that pulls us rather than push us. This is a time to be pulled by your purpose rather than be pushed by your problems.

The biggest lose in life is not death, the biggest lose is living a life without purpose.

For me, this highlighted how much I used to use the excuse of outside circumstances to avoid creating a life I really wanted – a life that lit me (and everyone around me) up.

Circumstances don’t make a man; circumstances just reveal a man to himself.

I invite you to consider this family,

It is NEVER frivolous or selfish to pursue your dreams – no matter what challenge you’re experiencing.


Because ‘your dreams’ don’t need to be grand. They can be as a simple roar at the end of the day, and as simple as your unique answers to questions like:

What kind of person do I want to be during this time?
In which ways can I serve and light up my family and/or community?
How can I empower my family to overcome fear?
Whether simple or grand, ‘your dreams’ offer you a chance to use this challenging time as an opportunity to grow, become more empowered, and create lives of deeper purpose.

And to support you in this sacred endeavor, it’s my pleasure to invite you to consider signing up for my online workshop on how to live FAITHFULLY AND FEARLESSLY.

Family, the circumstances you find yourself in aren’t random. These are the circumstances that are making it possible to listen to your higher self-calling you toward the glorious life you’re meant to live…because your outside world at this time is build on sinking sand.

… so please don’t spend another day ignoring it or trying to make it go away!

We’re not guaranteed our futures. So I urge you to stop betting on “someday” to bring you happiness…

…and instead, start creating the life you want to live, right now, by joining us in this free workshop.

I promise you’ll be glad you did!

To golden opportunities.