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Life is not the pursuit of happiness

Life is not the pursuit of happiness

We have all been lied to. Everybody is busy looking for happiness in life, but the truth is that life is a series of hardships. It’s like walking through a landmine in Vietnam. Life is difficult. And if you haven’t experienced that part, the only qualification you need is to live long enough. This life is pursuit of happiness is exactly that, a pursuit.

The only solace and the only constant to know is that there is a GOD. The rest is just fluff. Trust me as you sit there and you tell yourself that if one more thing hits you can’t take it, another brick from above drops and smacks you square on the head.

That’s the way life works anyway. The excitement of rain brings mud and wetness too. Without the hardships and tribulations, you would be bored out of your mind. Ask yourself why someone famous, rich and good looking, that has got the whole world ready to trade places for his or her life, commits suicide?

So be thankful of the struggle as only dead fish swim downhill. Struggles are part of life. Joy only comes in the morning, so without the darkness, there would be no celebration of the morning light. For most of us, there will be times when the burden feels extra-ordinary, the load too heavy to bare, uphill struggle. We must keep on swimming or get swept away. We will have to battle waterfalls and raging torrents. Keep the faith.

Statistics show that retirement is one of the worst things that can ever happen to a man. Most of them die in the first 36 months of retirement as they stop swimming against the current and get swept away. Keep on swimming my little fishy.

See each set back as an opportunity to upskill yourself. To challenge your mindset and increase your intelligence. Only a structural engineer knows how much weight a building can handle. Your structural engineer knows exactly how much challenges you can endure, though at times I also wish the challenges to skip my door and knock on my neighbours door, but my structural engineer knows that I have capacity, and thank GOD, my structural engineer for trusting me with this load.

Just remember if you get happiness, grab it with both hands, it’s more the exception than the norm.

To your happy struggle,

Inner Coach Steve M.