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Put religious connotations aside

Put religious connotations aside

Put religious connotations aside, we submit to things all around us, every day.

If you drive a car, you submit to the other cars around you. If you walk in the city, you allow others to go before you, you may hold the door for others, or move to the side to let them by.

Point is, submission is part of life in community with others.

In relationships, we submit to our spouse’s preferences on things. Come on fellas, you mean you would have plants and nice pictures on the walls and potpourri in your house if you were a bachelor?

We also submit to one another in conversations, date nights, parenting, and even during sex.

To be clear, there is a difference between submit and obey.

Our world is brought into order through submission. It’s part of God’s design and creation of the world and society.

Submitting however, is based on choice. And choice can only come from an inherent equality within the relationship. Obeying is based on a hierarchy within the relationship.

Let me explain below in the video.