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Who is the richest amongst us?

Who is the richest amongst us?

There IS, however, a rather interesting observation regarding Sandton and its inhabitants, and oh their rides. The rule of thumb is that the Sandtonian is almost over-dressed. This can suggest they are typically average people but have maxed their credit card for a lifestyle upgrade, or their company is paying for the accommodation, and they want to feel as if they have ‘Arrived!’ Vive la différence! Oui?

The original Sandtonian has little interest in impressing others, so they tend to be much more relaxed in their attire and SUV’S. They know the drill, they know their neighbourhood, and they know it’s a flippin waste of a pair of Louboutin’s and a nice Bergdorf Goodman’s outfit to get it all crinkled up in a gym. Yawn.

As a newbie in Sandton, I was standing next to a rich client in The Gym. She was with one of her snobby ‘tasteful Upper East Side’ friends, when a lady they both knew briefly said hello to them.

Believe me you, this life swallowed me alive. I was obsessed to be like one of them, but boy did it steal my soul. I was chasing everything from labels, cars, restaurants, name it, I had to have it to be “happy” and “belong”.

Coming from a village background, my worth was heavily weighed in character, but when I landed in the north, the external trappings of success were the main weighing scale.

Just imagine how “poor” I became overnight?

I love Sandton, but only after getting so tired of wearing so many faces to so many different people, for so long.

It was 10 years ago December 24th, I was standing in front of the mirror, just before bedtime, and I could barely recognise the face staring back at me at the time. I had so many masks, for different occasions, people, and event, to a point where I had forgotten and lost my original face and identity.
That day, I peeled off all the masks, flashed them down the toilet, and for the first time, felt relieved, alive, and light, looking at my original face.

Take off that mask that you wear as a father, as a mother, as a boss, as an employee, as a wife, as a husband, as a … I know how tired you are. You really do not have to set yourself on fire to make others happy. Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

My client’s friend commented that ‘at last, she seems to be joining the ‘nouveau riche.’ My client’s cutting retort was ‘Forget the nouveau riche, it’s the ‘riche’ that matters!’

I have tried to live that down, and some of her worse comments my entire life.

People are people, and it really should not matter what their bank balance is. What matters is what their moral balance is.

Funny, I’ve always considered myself as one of the wealthiest people in the world. But I’d never look at my bank balance to know this.
What I know is that I love, and that I am loved. To me, that’s Priceless!

May all your journeys be ones of discovery.