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DBF Vibez with Kris

DBF Vibez with Kris

Before joining Dream Body Fitness, Kris struggled with commitment to his nutrition and workout regimes.

Dream Body Fitness helped Kris commit to a nutrition plan and a structured, custom workout program that was designed to help him achieve his specific body transformation and body composition goals.

“Dream Body Fitness commits to you so that you can commit to your journey.” – Kris

Performance Drivers

Since joining Dream Body Fitness, Kris has consistently followed his workout program and committed to his nutrition plan, allowing him to build on a solid foundation and progress in terms of weight loss, strength and overall fitness.

If you’re like Kris and want to partner with a Body Transformation specialist that is going to help you achieve your goals, reliably and consistently, touch base with us on 011-234 4700 (Sunninghill) or 011-844 0400 (Woodlands Office Park) or use the contact form below.