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DBF Vibez with Richard

DBF Vibez with Richard

Richard joined Dream Body Fitness in 2019 after struggling to establish an effective routine, escalating his fitness levels and achieving the level of performance he wanted.

Joining Dream Body Fitness has changed his entire outlook on working out and life.

He finds that he is now more committed, more involved, and more focused on his fitness and body transformation goals.

“What makes Dream Body Fitness different is all the training schedules that they give you on a weekly basis. It’s amazing to follow and also the eating plans. It really, really helps.” – Richard

Performance Drivers

Custom nutrition and workout plans in conjunction with the Fitness Marshall support on the gym floor have made a big different in Richard’s life, allowing him to focus on following a proven and reliable system that delivers results for him.

If you’re like Richard and want to partner with a Body Transformation specialist that is going to help you achieve your goals, reliably and consistently, touch base with us on 011-234 4700 (Sunninghill) or 011-844 0400 (Woodlands Office Park) or use the contact form below.