Daryn – Week 10 of 39Kg weight loss journey

This week I lost 1.8kgs of body fat and corrected the mess from Easter. Yay. I also gained 300g of muscle, so the hard work is paying off.

This week I lost 1.8kgs of body fat and corrected the mess from Easter. Yay. I also gained 300g of muscle, so the hard work is paying off.

So, I’m back to a total of 6kgs body fat lost to date and the needle seems to be moving in the right direction so we’ll see how close I come to the goal of losing 12kgs of body fat in the first 12 weeks.

I’ve always had big, strong shoulders. It’s a result of swimming and surfing a lot growing up so I’ve always had lots of confidence in the strength of my shoulders but this week, I got a little surprise.

Rotator Cuff

In amongst all the shoulder muscle and tendons, is something called a rotator cuff.

“The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, keeping the head of your upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can cause a dull ache in the shoulder, which often worsens with use of the arm away from the body.” – Mayo Clinic

I injured my rotator cuff muscle about 2 and a half years ago and it took around 6 months to heal. Turns out it is still pretty weak, and I need to do warm up and strengthening exercises for that puppy before I can really crank up the heat in the shoulder area again.

On Saturday this week I joined the MELT60 class but had to pull out after about 15 minutes because my rotator cuff was taking an absolute beating and feeling super painful.

Because I’m feeling so much stronger and fitter than I did 10 weeks ago, I forget that I am still heavy and being 120kgs means that any exercises where that full bodyweight drills my shoulders is going to have an impact on the rotator cuff.

So, I’ve bought some supplements (glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate) to help strengthen those rotator cuffs, joints and tendons and Steve has given me a functional fitness workout to rock for the next 2 weeks which should strengthen all the muscles and tendons that support functional fitness.

It’s called the ‘tactical fitness’ workout, which sounds pretty gangsta so I’m happy to be on it.

After these two weeks, I’ll have a crack at the MELT 60 class again and I should be good to make it through the class from both a strength and fitness perspective.

The Physical and Mental Journey

How do I feel after 10 weeks? Truth is, I feel great.

I know I have a long way to go but I’ve almost forgotten the destination (88.5Kgs bodyweight goal) and am more immersed in the present.

When I started this journey, I felt like shit. All the time.

I had no energy, I always felt tired, and I had heaps of brain fog. I really battled to focus for extended periods of time, and I felt so sluggish – physically and mentally – that I was unable to produce my best work for my clients.

It was like moving through physical and mental quicksand, 24/7/365.

On the outside, I kept up the jovial and positive demeanour but, on the inside, I felt depressed and anxious. Depressed because I had fallen so far from the great mental state and physical shape I used to be in, and anxious because I knew there would be severe consequences if I didn’t turn my life around quickly.

Fast forward 10 weeks and I feel great. I don’t feel depressed anymore because I’m actively following a plan that is delivering results. I’ve lost a total of 6kgs of body fat in this period, but it feels like I’ve lost 25kgs.

I don’t feel anxious anymore because all the shitty symptoms of being overweight, sedentary and in poor health have disappeared. I feel heaps stronger, fitter, more flexible and mobile than I did 10 weeks ago and this is only the start of my journey.

I honestly cannot believe what a huge difference the past 10 weeks have had on my life.

If 10 weeks of training hard and losing weight feel this damn good, I honestly can’t imagine what it will feel like when I’ve reached my goal of 39kgs weight loss and have the strength and fitness that comes with 6 to 9 months of training hard every day.

Steve speaks about the journey of weight loss rather than the destination you achieve, and he is 100% right. It is a journey, and each week you get a little reward for your effort in the form of looking and feeling better. Each week those little rewards add up and sooner, rather than later, you find that the results of your efforts are worth every part of the struggle along the way.

My work is far better than it was 10 weeks ago and I’m finding that I’m able to tap into heaps more creativity and passion in my marketing, design and writing work.

I’m able to focus for 8 hours a day and still have the energy and mental stamina to study for another 2 to 3 hours a day.

I’m used to waking up at 5am and working out from 6am, every morning except Sundays, and I feel rested and rejuvenated when I wake up rather than sluggish and tired.

I don’t need to fake being positive anymore. I just am. I don’t need to fake enthusiasm anymore. I just am. I don’t need to fake being focused and creative anymore. I just am.

Walking through Dream Body Fitness’ doors 10 weeks ago and starting this weight loss journey is the single most valuable decision I’ve made in the past 2 years, bar none.

I couldn’t start the 12-week challenge because I was just too heavy, unfit and in such a poor state that I wouldn’t have been able to do the exercises. I couldn’t do the fitness classes because I wouldn’t have made it through the first 5 minutes of those classes, and I would have given up entirely.

Steve has crafted this journey with mastery.

He has such great expertise and experience in this area that you know you are in rock-solid hands the moment he designs a weight loss journey for you.

It may take a little longer than you anticipated to get out the gates but there is no doubt that it is worth every moment of effort and that each week, you accelerate faster than you imagined you could, creating a sense of momentum that inspires and motivates you to show up each week and give of your best.

If you are 5 to 10kgs overweight but in reasonable shape, the 6-week challenge is going to be the perfect place for you to start. It’s intense but delivers results almost immediately, and within the 6-week period, you’re going to shave 5kgs to 8kgs off your frame and ramp up your athleticism.

If you are 10kgs to 25kgs overweight, the 12-week challenge is the perfect place for you to start. It has a less intense onboarding program but ramps up in intensity each week so you see results, each week, and should shave anywhere between 10kgs and 15kgs off your frame in that period.

If you are 25kgs plus overweight, talk to Steve.

He has designed a series of onboarding workouts and nutrition programs that help you get started and slowly build momentum each week.

Being 25kgs plus overweight is just a whole different world compared to being 10kgs overweight.

In the beginning, everything feels impossibly hard but with each week, you see your strength and fitness grow, and you can do more work for longer periods of time, far quicker than you imagined possible.

It may take you 8 to 10 weeks before you are strong enough and fit enough to really put in the kind of work that transforms your body and your life, but you will get there, and you will find that your body laps up the hard work willingly and enthusiastically.

At the end of 10 weeks, I feel like I’ve achieved my first major goal.

The goal of feeling great, creative, enthusiastic, and focused.

I don’t need to fake this any longer, I just am those things. I started this challenge looking at the math of weight loss – the number of kilograms I needed to lose – but I didn’t consider that a far better measure for me personally is how I feel and how I perform.

I also saw this as a destination. At some point in the future, I would reach my goal and THEN I would feel great, motivated and inspired. Truth is, I feel that way now already and each week, that just builds momentum and impacts my life in more positive ways.

So, measurement of my goal will always be important and that is why I do the InBody Biometric Assessments each week, but I am also learning to listen to the other factors which are equally important to me personally.

Am I delivering better quality work for my clients? Am I finding more creative answers to the truly compelling questions I face? Am I productive, consistently, for at least 8 hours of the working day?

The answer to these questions is yes, I am. I am also finding that it gets exponentially better each week and will continue to get better each week that I train and remain focused and disciplined.

Dream Body Fitness

Dream Body Fitness

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