Daryn – Week 11 of 39Kg weight loss journey

3.4kgs of body fat lost this week woooohooooooo the needle is definitely moving in the right direction now. I’ve dropped from 52kgs of total body fat to 42.6kgs in 11 weeks, a total of 9.4kgs body fat lost.

3.4kgs of body fat lost this week woooohooooooo the needle is definitely moving in the right direction now. I’ve dropped from 52kgs of total body fat to 42.6kgs in 11 weeks, a total of 9.4kgs body fat lost.

My body fat percentage also dropped from 37.9% to 35.5% this week, a drop of 2.4% 😊

My fitness score climbed from 65/100 to 71/100 so I’m getting fitter and stronger too.

If I have another great week this week ahead I’ll reach my goal of 12kgs of body fat lost in 12 weeks.

What changed this week?

I started measuring my food and logging everything into my Fitbit app. I could see that whilst I was eating well, I was just eating too much food. If I was burning 2000 calories a day, I was eating 1900 calories, so that meant gradual and slow weight loss rather than accelerated fat loss.

In the past 10 weeks, my training program has consisted of an intense/hard workout on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday whilst the in between Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday workouts were low intensity, flexibility and mobility workouts that lasted around 25 minutes and didn’t burn much in terms of calories at all.

This week, all 6 days were intense workouts. I also walked 5km in my super hilly neighbourhood three times this week during my lunchbreak and that burned heaps of extra calories.

So, rather than averaging 2000 calories a day I was burning an average of 3,000 calories a day whilst consuming an average of 1,674 calories a day.

I also bought some food prep containers and cooked my meals in advance. I weighed my portions out and then just popped them in the containers to microwave at meal times. Makes life a lot easier but also ensures that I know exactly how many calories I’m eating during the day.

My workouts

Steve put together a series of bodyweight workouts for me this week which varied between 45 minutes to an hour each day. I found them intense at first but slowly got into it and managed to rock those out without dying, which is a win.

My rotator cuffs were giving me serious issues a week ago but I’m happy to say that with the combination of strength exercises Steve has included in my workout and the Glucosamine supplements I’ve been taking, I’m not battling with those at all anymore.

I can feel stress in the shoulder area and I can feel that my rotator cuffs are working hard but I don’t feel like they are in danger nor are they painful anymore which is a big win.

Things have definitely ramped up in intensity with my workout programs so I’m burning heaps more calories in my workouts too. It’s great to be fit and strong enough to do the work, even if I am feeling like I’m on the edge throughout those workouts.

Now that the baseline fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility is there to support the more intense workouts, I’m able to push much harder and get heaps more done. The preparation work Steve created for me over the first 10 weeks has definitely paid off and I’m now able to push hard and get the results I’m looking for without burning up or injuring myself.

I had given up on the idea of making the 12kgs in 12 weeks goal because my start had been so slow to this weight loss journey, but things are accelerating fast and my body is responding beautifully.

Steve told me that eating correctly and doing a combination of high intensity interval training with strength resistance training would reverse the Diabetes Level 2 and it seems that we are hitting the mark where that reversal is happening.

I don’t have the dizzy spells during my workout anymore and the numbers seem to show that I’m now burning fat efficiently whilst conserving or building muscle mass at the same time. Yay.

I couldn’t believe how tough I found the 5km walk around my neighbourhood. There are heaps of steep hills and my fitbit showed that I burned an average of 780 calories in just over an hour of walking.

That’s where my bodyweight is helping me. For an average sized person, they might rock that walk out in 40 minutes and burn 250 to 300 calories, for me it’s seriously hard work and pushes the heart rate through the roof. I end up burning over twice as many calories right now than I would if I were in shape and fit.

Next week I start cycling during my lunch hour and I’m aiming at an 18km loop that includes about 8km of climbs. That should push the calorie count even higher and help me prepare for my first mountain bike race in years – The Magalies Monster half marathon (33km).

The race happens in the first week of June and I’m going to push hard to be ready for that. It would be such a win to complete that race given how unfit, heavy and completely knackered I was 11 weeks ago. It gives me roughly 5 weeks to train and if I can rock out the 18km mountain bike loop 3 times a week over that period, I should be fit enough to do the 33km on the day.

Here’s to pushing boundaries and opening new doors 😊

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