Daryn – Week 12 of 39Kg weight loss journey

So, today marks both the end of my first 12-week journey and the start of the second 12-week journey. I anticipated it would take roughly 36 weeks to achieve my 39kg weight loss journey and it feels like I'm on track to do exactly that.

So, I dropped 2,9kgs this week.

Interesting thing is that my body fat rose by 500g 🙁 I was hoping for a strong finish to the first 12 weeks of my 39kg weight loss journey, but it seems the weight loss gods wanted to remind me that I can only control my effort, not the outcome.

Fair enough.

I worked hard this week and averaged just over 3,000 calories burnt per day. I’ve stuck to my routine of doing gym work in the early morning and rocking out a 5km walk at lunchtime.

It is unreal how quickly my body is adjusting to the cardio, I’ve dropped my time on the walk by 10 minutes in the first 2 weeks and my average heart rate dropped from 139bpm to 130bpm. Nice, I’m getting fitter.

I’ve also been good with the diet element and raised my calorie intake from 1,600 to just under 1,800 per day to make up for all the extra work I’m doing.

As I’ve gotten fitter, stronger and lighter I’m able to do more work in both the gym and outside of the gym. It is a very cool feeling being able to push harder after feeling so weak and useless in the first 6 weeks.

I’ve lost the same amount of weight in the past 2 weeks as I have in the 10 weeks prior to that. As my output has grown, the amount of work I’m doing is munching up calories something fierce and I’m seeing the body fat evaporate with each day’s effort.

So, if you are 25kgs plus and about to embark on a weight loss journey of your own, don’t be discouraged in the first 12 weeks.

You’re growing your capabilities, fitness and strength in those first 10 weeks and you’re conditioning your body to do more work in the future so rather measure your success in the second 12-week training block because you’ll be able to do significantly more work at a much higher intensity once you’ve got the foundation in place.


So, what do things look like after the first 12-week training block?

I’ve lost 15cm around my waist, 9cm around my chest, and 8cm around my hips.

The INBODY Biometric Assessment shows that I’ve lost:

  • 1.6Kgs on my right arm
  • 1.6Kgs on my left arm
  • 3.1Kgs on my trunk
  • 1.3Kgs on my right leg
  • 1.3Kgs on my left leg

So, it’s coming off everywhere rather than from just one place. That’s the value of the full body workouts I’m doing and the more intense boxing fitness and high-intensity interval training workouts I’ve just started doing.

Boxing Bootcamp

I did my first boxing bootcamp class yesterday and managed to get through 30 minutes before bailing. That’s roughly 25 minutes longer than I thought I would last, and it was a great experience.

I really can’t recommend Elizier’s boxing bootcamp enough. He’s a great boxer and a great boxing coach. He doesn’t murder you through the workout, instead, he focuses on making sure that you’ve got the right stance and that you’re working through the correct form.

It’s a measured experience where you can see that Elizier knows exactly what he’s doing and exactly how hard to push the majority of the class. I’m heavy and by boxing standards, I’m super unfit so he didn’t bat an eyelid when I was lagging behind or taking a few extra seconds to rest.

He kept up the rhythm of the class but also took a moment to check in on me and make sure I was ok.

My rotator cuffs started giving me issues at the 30 minute mark and if I’m honest, I could have pushed through, but it was a great reason to stop and live to fight another day. I’ll be back in that class on Thursday and Saturday this week, and I’ll aim to reach the 40-minute mark in each of those.

Baby steps with the high-intensity interval training stuff.

With 30kgs of body fat lurking about, it is just going to take a little longer than I imagined it would to integrate the HIIT workouts into my weekly routine. All good, I’ve got time and with each Kg I lose, I’m able to up the ante and do a lot more work in a much shorter space of time.

The Journey

So, today marks both the end of my first 12-week journey and the start of the second 12-week journey. I anticipated it would take roughly 36 weeks to achieve my 39kg weight loss journey and it feels like I’m on track to do exactly that.

I had hoped to drop 12kgs in the first 12 weeks but with the slow start over the first 6 weeks, it was always going to be tough to achieve that. I was in such a shit state when I started this journey that I missioned to do 5 push-ups without blowing up.

Whilst I look at how far I still have to go, I took a moment this morning to acknowledge just how far I’ve come. I really was in a super bad state when I got to Dream Body Fitness. I could barely walk up stairs without sweating and running out of breath.

It took the first 6 weeks of gentle exercises and patient instruction just to get to a point where I could warm up for 10 minutes and workout for 15 minutes without falling over. 40kgs of excess body fat makes even the simplest of exercises incredibly difficult to do.

I’m now able to work hard and steady for an hour, whether that is in the gym with my workouts or whether it’s out on the road pushing through my hilly neighbourhood. It’s just the high-intensity interval training workouts I’ve now got to push through and make it my goal to get through an hour class by the end of next week.

As usual, I’ll post my progress on this blog every week and you can follow along if you’re interested.

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