Daryn – Week 15 of 39Kg weight loss journey

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This week was a lesson in confidence. I’ve been doing my warm-ups before each workout, without fail, until this Saturday morning. I was feeling lazy and decided to skip the warmup and go straight into my workout. Boom 20 minutes in and I felt my hamstring go.

It was a super strange sensation. I felt this electric shock right at the top of my hamstring and a ripple all the way down to my Achilles heel. It seems to be a light strain rather than a tear so I’m super grateful for that, but it’s put my training on ice for this week while I rest it.

I limped out on Saturday morning and haven’t done any training since. I popped in today for my assessment, a couple of days early, because I won’t be in tomorrow or Wednesday, and so my weight is pretty much the same as it was on Wednesday last week.

That’s going to put a dent in my weight loss aspirations for this month. I have a half a week of training this week and I probably won’t be able to train until Monday of next week so I’m not anticipating much changes with the scales over this 2 week period.

My program over the past week has been heavier than before and I’ve got to respect that I need to warm up and stretch after workouts to make sure I’m good to go with the heavier weights I’m moving at the moment.

Up until that moment on Saturday, I was really enjoying my training. I’m lifting double the weights I was 6 weeks ago and I have been feeling like my strength is finally coming back. I’ll keep stretching and testing my hamstring as I go this week but it seems like it’s going to need at least a week to heal.

Pity, was in a nice rhythm and growing in confidence each week.

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