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BOXING HAS TAMED MY DEMONS: When I transitioned at 55, I entered a world I didn’t understand. Men have to fight someone or something at some point, don’t they? For my entire life, and certainly for the years since I have been pumping iron, I’ve been fighting, whether it’s myself, the world or

What’s the secret to success? We’re not sure if we have the answer, but we know one thing: Mindset matters. When something doesn’t go our way -- doesn’t go according to our plan -- and those negative voices come shouting and doubting, “Failure, failure, failure!”…when the self-doubt creeps in… This is where

We all have times -- hours, days, weeks, months and even years -- when we feel stressed out and overwhelmed with all the work we have yet to do. It’s an inescapable feeling. It’s distracting, and it can make us irritable. Our thoughts are riddled with anxiousness, and our stress-ridden thoughts